Hey311 – Submitting a request in Weyauwega

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re walking your dog down the street and you notice the traffic lights are not working properly? You were driving to get groceries and accidentally hit a pothole which you didn’t know was there before (Oops!)? Did you experience a water leak (or shortage, for that matter) and need to alert the services so it can get fixed?

There is a very simple, easy and quick way to address all these issues to your municipality. We’re talking about Hey311.

The app allows you to report an issue of any type, in a very clear and straightforward way.
Be it a pothole, an abandoned vehicle, a water leak or any other problem that falls under municipal jurisdiction, Hey311 helps you address your issue directly to them.

And it’s easier than ever – you can do it through your phone or computer!
Simply follow these few steps and get your voice heard in no time:

  1. Locate the Hey311 widget on your local municipal website

As easy as 3-1-1: Use any browser to open the municipal website and the widget will be right there on the home page. Worry not, as we’ve made it really easy to find it – just look for the bright yellow color!

Quick overview of the widget on a website

  1. Open the widget and report an issue

Once you click on the widget, a pop-up window will appear where you can access the feature ‘Report an issue’. And with just one click, you will be starting your report!

First look of the widget

  1. Add the necessary details regarding the issue – photo, details and location

Once you’ve opened the form, it’s your time to shine. Here you can explain in detail what kind of issue you’re reporting and where it is located exactly.

The first thing you can do is add a photo of the issue in question. Although it is not required, this step will enable the clerk to resolve the issue much faster.

Upload a photo

Next, you can describe in detail what the issue is about and who it concerns.

Pro-tip: use as many details as possible and (where applicable) suggest the service that is responsible for its resolution. For example, if you notice a broken hydrant, you can advise that the water utility or fire department take a look.

Describe the request

At the end of this step, you can share the location of the issue. To do that, you have two options – manually type the address or use our geolocator to pinpoint the exact location.
If you choose the latter, you will be prompted to turn on the location services on your device. Once they are enabled, you can access the map and draw the pin to the exact location of the issue. if you upload a photo directly from your phone you’ll notice that the location auto populates. That’s because the app is pulling that info from the photo metadata exactly where you took the picture. If your location services are disabled the app will not be able to do that.

Pinpoint the exact location

Now all that’s left to do is click the ‘Submit Request’ button and send your request directly to the municipality.

  1. Opt to leave contact info and receive updates about the issue resolution or simply remain anonymous

After submitting the issue, the second part of the form will automatically get opened. This is where you get to decide if you want to share contact details or remain anonymous.

Choose if you wish to add contact information

By choosing to enter your contact information, you opt for receiving regular updates on the status of the issue you reported and find out first hand when it will be resolved.
The updates will be sent to your email inbox or, if you get impatient, you can download the HeyGov app and check the status yourself! That being said, by choosing anonymity you won’t be able to track your issue because there will be no way for the staff to contact you.

There’s a whole new journey within the app itself.

Go ahead and try it out by downloading HeyGov from your respective app stores and start talking with your municipality today!